So what do you do after you’ve gotten the call, opened it up and shared your destination with all your friends and family?!

Generally, every mission call will have a list of items that you should or shouldn’t bring with you on your mission, most of these items can be purchased via the Missionary Mall. However, after you’ve ordered all the items that were on the list that doesn’t mean you are completely prepared for the mission field. For those of you who are wondering what the culture, climate and local government will be like, we recommend visiting the LDS Mission Network (a network that is designed to help missionaries discover and learn more about the mission they have been called to).

We also suggest that Missionaries set up a website that a close family member of friend can update while they are on their mission. Sites like Mission Site, LDS Mission Blogs and Mormon Mission Blog can help you get started and publicize your blog to your family/loved ones.

We also recommend, if you are going to be speaking a new/different language you learn as much as possible before hand so that you’ll pick up the language easier once you’re in the field.

Lastly, continue your spiritual preparation. You will never be done preparing spiritually, so don’t let complacency set in now. You have a work to do, and if you continue to do your best Heavenly Father will help you with the rest.


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