If you didn’t hear the news, listen up!

Global Mission Shipping is have a Giveaway this October!

The Prize: 1 package (weighing under 5 lbs) shipped FREE anywhere internationally!

The Goal: To have the most friends/loved ones “like” Global Mission Shipping and Finally, Fast Shipping Facebook pages, and/or “follow” the Global Mission Shipping Twitter accounts.

How to Register: Log on to Facebook/Twitter and “like”/”follow” all of Global Mission Shipping’s accounts (i.e. Global Mission Shipping Facebook Account; Finally, Fast Shipping Account@GMShipping;  @RealFastShippin) and invite your friends to “like”/”follow” Global Mission Shipping as well. For every time you “like” or “follow” an account you will get one entry. Then for every time you publicize about the Giveaway on your Blog/Facebook Page/Twitter Account you will receive an additional entry!

When: The Giveaway will run from October 1st 12:00 am til October 15th 11:59 pm. All individuals who “like”/”follow” Global Mission Shipping during the month of September will  receive the same amount of points that they would have received if they had waited until October, however Global Mission Shipping reserves the right to award extra points for early birds, and will announce the award when given.

For more information about the contest rules and regulations visit  the Rules and Regulations Page.

Stay tuned for more updates via https://reallyfastshipping.wordpress.com


About reallyfastshipping

The Marketing Manager of the Global Mission Shipping. To see more of Sarah Hess's work check out her personal blog at www.laundryracists.blogspot.com!

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