Today is the Last day to double your entry points in our Shipping Giveaway!

For those of you who are new to Global Mission Shipping, we are a company that deals exclusively with International Shipping. We’ve partnered up with DHL to provide door-to-door shipping, easy online access and track and tracing of your package while remaining a competitive rate with Fed Ex, UPS and USPS! And did we mention that your package will arrive at its destination WITHIN a week of you sending it off?!?

October 15th we will be giving away one lucky individual the opportunity to mail a package (weighing under 5 lbs) internationally *FREE OF CHARGE (i.e. as long as the winner provides a box and the items inside we will pick it up and deliver it for FREE)!

This is a giveaway you won’t want to miss out on! So tell your friends and follow our twitter accounts/facebook pages, and while there’s still time do so while you’ll still be rewarded double the points for doing so!

And REMEMBER, an additional point will be rewarded for every announcement of the giveaway given each day! But you have to let us know what you did so we can reward you accordingly!

*Customs Fees will still need to be paid by the recipient so be aware of how you label the items in your package.


About reallyfastshipping

The Marketing Manager of the Global Mission Shipping. To see more of Sarah Hess's work check out her personal blog at!

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