For those of you who have had packages stuck in customs before, today’s post will help relieve some of that dreaded time wasted in no-man’s land.

Now, everyone knows that there some things that are illegal to send ANYWHERE (i.e. explosives, flammable objects, weapons, etc) however, some items aren’t always obvious right away.

Did you know that every country has its own individual list of items that are restricted/prohibited from being mailed to individuals residing in their country?!

Well, they do.

To help you avoid getting some one else arrested or your packages from being opened up and rummaged through we’ve decided to show you how to find out what you should or should not ship!

Step One, follow this link to the Global Mission Shipping Website.

Step Two, scroll down the page til you see the section marked ‘Calculate Shipping Cost’ at the bottom of the section in red is a link titled “Days to Destination”… Click on it.

A new page will pop up with DHL’s logo and a button marked “Start DCT”. Click on it.

Another page will pop up which will look like this:

Step Three, put the country you are shipping to in the ‘To’ section then press “About Duty”

A page similar to the following will appear with your recipient’s Country’s list of general items that they do not all to be sent by mail.

***HOWEVER*** Not every restricted item will be on the list, if you have a specific item that you are thinking of mailing to another individual (whether it’s through DHL or any other shipping service) we recommend calling DHL directly and asking if that item is allowed to be sent via International Shipping.    1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)


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The Marketing Manager of the Global Mission Shipping. To see more of Sarah Hess's work check out her personal blog at!

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