At Global Mission Shipping we pride ourselves on shipping your package at a reasonable price with all the extra goodies, that most shipping companies will charge you an arm and a leg for, for free.

To demonstrate this we’ve gone to 3 well known shipping companies: UPS, Fed Ex and USPS and got a shipping quote for one package, weighing 5 lbs shipped from Provo Utah to Paris France,  and compared their prices with our own.

Below is our findings…

In order to ship a 5 lb package from your doorstep (if you live in Provo, Ut) to an individual living in Paris, France it will cost…
Fed Ex:  $144.84 – $200.53
UPS:  $140.28 – $196.08
USPS:  $54.11 – $109.07
And your package will arrive…
Fed Ex:  6 days – 2 days later
UPS:  7 days – 2 days later
USPS:  ~10 days – ~3 days later
Global Mission Shipping: 3 days later
Global Mission Shipping is the ONLY company that offers complimentary door-to-door shipping, secure track and trace and a less than *7 day shipment guaranteed with EVERY shipment!
Every other Shipping Company charges extra for these services.
So save yourself some hassle this Christmas season and ship with the Company that makes it their priority to save you time and money!
*As long as all the items withing the package are not a violation of any country’s shipment standards Global Mission Shipping will guarantee a delivery within 7 days of pick-up. To find out what the shipping standards of every country visit this page.



About reallyfastshipping

The Marketing Manager of the Global Mission Shipping. To see more of Sarah Hess's work check out her personal blog at!

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